Win: Sold Out May 2017 Love From Lizi Kit!

If you are having issues subscribing to anything, this will hopefully help! OUR GIVEAWAY IS FOR DIOXIDE INKS this time!!! Enjoy! We’ll draw a winner in few days and announce it here on the blog!!! THIS IS NOT our only giveaway… OR only OXIDE giveaway. We get some questions are happy to answer anything we can but you must subscribe here to the blog & YouTube, if you subscribe to both already, then please leave a comment. That’s all you have to do! We appreciate each and every one of you!

Platinum Peacock

If you missed the 2017 May Kit from The Original Love from Lizi, all is not lost! The kit is honestly one of Lizi’s best with touches of vellum, blue foiling with a vintage feel. Really great for men & absolutely great for women too! We’ll link an unboxing video at the bottom of this post to show all of the goods that will come to you. Any add-on items are non applicable since they’re sold out, too! The kit is FULL of Nuvo drops, patterned papers, card bases, etc. It’s so fun that it took everything in us NOT to keep it! 🙂 ‘Tis a lot of fun to giveaway so, want to win this lovely kit, valued at 25 pounds (about 32 bucks)? SUBSCRIBE!

HOW TO WIN: Subscribe to PlatinumPeacock’s YouTube Channel (click here ) or follow our blog (click the follow button in the lower right hand corner…

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Distress Ink Dioxide Giveaway *FOR LFL Members*! Multiple Dioxide Giveaways for EVERYONE coming August 2nd!

Finally! I don’t have to hold this in any longer! if you’d like to win some of the new Distress Ink Dioxide Pads in: Picked Raspberry, Seedless Preserves, Salted Ocean, and Peacock Feathers!!! What do you have to do? It’s simple! Subscribe on YouTube and Subscribe to our blog! IF you are doing both, you may leave a comment and you’re in! Any device, phone, tablet, IPad, laptop, etc. works! Contest starts… NOW! Ends: 08/02/17 at 18:00 EST. The winner will be announced on 8/02/17 here, at 22:00 EST. Contest is open to any location since LFL fans are all over. Good Luck, everyone in the Love from Lizi Facebook Group! ~The Platinum Peacock Team that is incredibly thankful to be a part of this group!

LFL Oxide


Updates for the Future

It’s time to plish a few things that are a bit tough & some good things, too. This was a very difficult decision to make, however, necessary. We are officially stepping away as Guest Designers for Love from Why? Well, for the best reason: more time for family. Life can change in a second. Unfortunately, that has happened to someone very dear to us! If you’ve noticed we haven’t been posting or publishing much, you are correct. We took a bit of time off but now we’re back! 🙂

We refuse to settle on quality when it comes to our project(s). That would NOT be fair to you or Ms. Lizi, the creator and owner of Thankfully, she has been very understanding of the situation!  So, we are doing a final run-thru of cards for Love from Lizi using the July kit as soon as we can. We are absolutely still active on the Love from Lizi Facebook group/community. We’ll continue to post creations on Facebook, Google, Instagram, twitter and the blog. Currently on YouTube & right here on the blog are 2 videos: an unboxing video and a 3 minute video about assembling/starting Chameleon alcohol markers. Plus, this weekend we’ll have info on Distress Ink Dioxide GiveawayS and a new project. Stay crafty & feisty my friends! ~The Team at Platinum Peacock


Quick & Easy Chameleon Pen Demo

Hello everyone! I had the camera rolling to do an unboxing & I realized had NOT done a proper tutorial for the included Chameleon Pen! So, we’re going to change that right now! They are easy to use however, being a new kind of alcohol marker, they are an investment. So, it’s worth a few minutes to know how they work, how to store them properly & how to put the pen together! That way, you can get to the good part: having fun coloring with the pen/pens! They really are nice to just zone out & have fun without the guesswork of shading! If you have other shades of Chameleons, I recommend coloring in circular pattern on an obeject, like a flower. (Going around the image instead of just moving up and down an image.) That way, the shading is more uniform since your coloring depends on how long you fuse. Stay crafty, my friends! ENJOY:




10 Cards, 1 Kit full of Gratitude

We have the luxury of utilizing the card kits from Love from Lizi, so we decided to create cards for military members & veterans. Unfortunately, this series has been met with mixed reviews on social media. We strongly believe in giving back at Platinum Peacock so we have no regrets. 🙂 If you’re interested, resources to send a card or letter to America’s Finest are listed in the previous blog postHowever, we do not want to make anyone feel pressured!!!) Stay crafty, my friends!

Love from Lizi Unboxing: Doing more with your creative time

It’s here, it’s here! Sketches are on paper as we were inspired to do a bit more with this kit than craft! The kit is very patriotic with different red, white and blue shades so we are going to send cards and letters to Active Duty military members and veterans, too. (Women can be overlooked while they’re deployed so there are options to spread the kindness of LFL Group!) You can drop a few cards at a VA Hospital & they’ll give it to someone not receiving a lot of support or mail. (Call ahead about their protocol as it can change for porous items.) Jen has enjoyed supporting the troops and veterans for well over a decade, so recommendations are based on personal experience & ease of use. It’s really easy to show our support with all of the tools available today! You can “adopt” someone to send letters, a few care packages (optional) to remind them that we have their backs while they serve to protect ours! If you live close to a training facility for the National Guard, a base, or USO, they are also good options to donate your time. Also, will recommend a few organizations for international outreach. Hope you join us by sending 1 card or letter!

Charities & Organizations to consider:

  • (worldwide) They are a small organization with big heart! You can write 1 letter or a bunch to any military member & even
  • Soldiers’ Angels: (You can “adopt” a military member from any branch, serving all over the world while they’re deployed. Or, you can join a card & crafts team that sends encouragement, thoughts and prayers, uplifting cards. A good reason to make cards! 🙂
  • Honor Flight, Allowing the Greatest Generation to see Washington, D.C. & their monument
  • the Salvation Army, (Veteran Affairs)
  • Disabled Amarican Veterans, DAV
  • Landstuhl Hospital Card Project,
  • No pressure, everyone!!!! We simply wanted to kick it up a notch with this kit! Cards coming soon, take care! ~The Platinum Peacock Team

Watercoloring with Nuvo Mousse

(Mixed Media for Her 2) Also male friendly if you ask us!

When we decided to start a blog, we wanted it to be different. To be honest, we didn’t want to push new items constantly without trying our best to use the products in a creative way or technique(s). Crafting is a creative adventure to us, as one can always learn and discover a new craft, technique, and a world of products. In our opinion, this is why card kits are so popular. It’s really easy to move on when you have leftovers from a kit, but if you really love a kit, why not try to use it all? Enter our Nuvo Mousse watercolor technique! A damp finger dobber or make up sponge worked as our brush in this instance and watercolor paper are all you need to create this look with Nuvo mousse! You can use heavy cardstock if you don’t have watercolor paper. However, I opted to use my favorite affordable watercolor paper because I knew I’d be using multiple colors which would mean a bit more water for blending. *Another plus: the mousse allows you to build a bit of texture when you’re blending your color(s)! Win, Win! Stay Crafty, my friends! Thank you so much for your subscriptions & comments! It’s very encouraging! “Ingredients” listed below.

All Nuvo colors from top to bottom on card front: Lemon Sorbet, Indian Gold, Spring Green and Pacific Teal. Products for this card: Canson Watercolor Paper, Nuvo Broad Tip Glue Pen, matte medium, glossy accents, sanding tool from Prima, finger dobber & make up sponge, mini water bottle. Extra blue rhinestones & chipboard piece from LovefromLizi. Nuvo Mousse colors from LovefromLizi: Lemon Sorbet & Spring Green. Indian Gold & Pacific Teal were from Amazon.

This one’s for the girls!

Recently have been making some mixed media cards for females… To us, it seems as if mixed media has to be brown, full of gears & challenging… Well, how about a fresh approach to mixed media using a few of your favorite things? That could be colors, a die, a stamp…. We chose shimmery Nuvo Mousse (Shocking!) & to use an embossing folder for a twist. There will be another card using the same supplies with an entirely different look! ~Round 2 coming very soon & a couple things for Dad!~

This one’s for the girls!

Recently have been making some mixed media cards for females… To us, it seems as if mixed media has to be brown, full of gears & challenging… Well, how about a fresh approach to mixed media using a few of your favorite things? That could be colors, a die, a stamp…. We chose shimmery Nuvo Mousse (Shocking!) & to use an embossing folder for a twist. There will be another card using the same supplies with an entirely different look!

Winner! LovefromLizi Kit!!!

FIRST: HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! A simple thank you never really cuts it to family & friends of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. But, that is what we’d like to really take this chance to do. We are thinking of you and praying for all you!!!

Yes, we really do put names in a hat and draw from it! This is so FUN but a bit tough because we wish all of you could win, frankly!

THE WINNER IS: Ms. Denise Bryant!!! Congratulations from both pf us @ Platinum Peacock!!! Please e mail us, Denise: with your address!