3 Christmas Card Kits!!!

Well, it’s been a long wait for me to have the honor of revealing these kits by Creativeescapepapercrafting.com So, I hope no matter what your budget is, your style, or if you have never made a card before: DIVE IN! You can never compare the store-bought cards with the handmade cards! So, sit back & see which kit is right for you?!? Coordinating items will be posted shortly and are on the website, creativeescapepapercrafting.com & ship with kits for free, or you can get individual items, as well. Yes, ANY Christmas kit qualifies for the “Fall Frenzy”/Christmas Kit combo shipping & a free bottle of Nuvo Drops! Subscriptions now available. 🙂 Note: Every other month subscriptions are how we operate right now. We put a lot of time & effort about thinking about our customers & potential customers. We understand many people subscribe to other card kits and/or watch their bottom line. That is why we are an every other month operation. Thus far, customers have been supportive of this & others quite appreciative.

Fun Encouragement Card

Sending a card to let someone know you care could never be ordinary with this cute set by lawn fawn! Add in a fun Oktoberfest scene to brighten someone’s day even more with this handmade creation! I used items from the “Fall Frenzy” kit from creativeescapepapercrafting.com to create this card. Of course, there will be more Fall, Halloween & birthday cards to come very soon from me using this great kit!

*There is more information about combining Fall Frenzy with a Christmas Kit of your choice to save on postage on the site for Creative Escape Papercrafting (Prices start under $20.00 for subscriptions which is fantastic!) The reveals are this weekend, so make sure to stay tuned for that!*

Double Deals!

A BIG Thank You for the thoughts & prayers from everyone. Please continue to pray for strength & comfort! To show our appreciation, Creative Escape Papercrafting is offering a GREAT option for crafters & card makers by shipping “Fall Frenzy” with a Christmas Kit of your choice in 1 box. You save on shipping and you may order add-ons, if you wish. FREE NUVO DROPS If you subscribe! (You get a card kit every other month to help with budgets, with 3 price points: $19.99, $27.99 & $34.99. Much more info & complete kit reveals coming this week! “Fall Frenzy would be a $27.99 kit, for instance. As long as it is possible logisitically, Creative Escape Papercrafting will ship to you! There are only a small number of the Fall/Autumn:) kits available, so this is a fun opportunity to save some money AND give back! -A portion of the sales from the kits & add-ons are going to a great place that gives hope & assistance to fill a pantry & meals to someone down on their luck. (Potentially a Veteran, if you have seen statistics in the U.S. For more information, check out: https://creativeescapepapercrafting.com/




“Fall Frenzy” + Rose Gold= Love!

OK here is the long awaited kit from Creative Escape Papercrafting! PLUS Lawn Fawn ROSE GOLD EMBOSSING POWDER is stocked, so you may purchase that indivually or add it to your kit. 🙂 Ok, at Platinum, we are thrilled with this kit. Lawn Fawn has been great to work with us, very kind to newbies! Always nice when a company remembers what it’s like to begin the process of trying to get a name & product(s) out there! Ready? Here’s the link to the reveal:

https://creativeescapepapercrafting.com/   They ship to the U.S., UK, and India! 🙂 They will also combine products with a kit, to save as much on shipping as possible. Their e mail: support@creativeescapepapercrafting.com Sooo a portion of the profits are going to a well-known food pantry & shelter in the Mid-West which is awesome. That will be matched to help those effected by IRMA. A chunk of the profits from add-ons go to those effected by IRMA…100% of those donations go to help which is GREAT for MANY reasons. Platinumpeacock.blog has a couple of designers in that region & they were hit. SO we ask that you keep everyone is your thoughts & prayers during thing time! Hopefully we can be thankful now & while creating!    Embossing powder & extras are below!


Being different by CHOICE! Plus, a HINT

It’s time!!! A look at “Fall Frenzy” is coming to YouTube soon! A LOT of thought goes into satisfying potential Creative Escape customers: brainstorming, practicality, FUN & a thing called a budget are always being considered. “Doing more for Less” is the goal. Creative Escape believes you can absolutely enjoy creating on a budget & we love that at Platinumpeacock.blog! Paper crafting isn’t always the cheapest hobby! The Design Team is fantastic: Annie, Dawn, LeeAnn & Karen: THANK YOU! (You will see more from all of us in the near future on YouTube, and on: creativeescapepapercrafting.com under “creations”. Much more to come on that soon & info about them!

     Creative Escape Papercrafting is intentionally different than other companies because it’s not just about profit for them… Although, selling kits allows them to operate – each month they have a charity they donate a portion of their profits to! Fall is a time for being grateful, so a food pantry/shelter was chosen. If you add anything on, such as exclusive woodgrain papers, extra dies, etc., a portion of the profits goes to help those effected by natural disasters in the U.S. – you’re in our thoughts and prayers!

HINT: The grass is always greener on the other side of the ? It’s a clue to a company….

Updates & announcements

Platinumpeacock.blog has new sneak peeks of items on the “Fall Frenzy kit”, to be released next month, by Creative Escape Papercrafting! Due to the commitment of designing for creativeescapepapercrafting.com we had a Design Team Call and had a lot of talented people apply! THANK YOU to everyone applied; we are blessed to have that much interest! So, we have a diverse Design Team: Annie, Dawn, Jen, Karen & LeeAnn make up all of Platinum Peacock’s creative team! We have Clean & Simple, Classic, Shabby Chic and Rich with Detail…. From Prismas, watercolors, Spectrum Noir & Copics… all kinds of coloring, styles and cards will be featured from the U.S. & Scotland!

#Sneak Peek for “Fall Frenzy”

From pale yellow to canary, a very light sage to grass green, different, fiery hues of orange: Fall color in exclusive, scored leaves created by Creative Escape Papercrafting! These embellishments are perfectly sized for cards. The back of the leaves are white so you can ink them, color them, use Distress Dioxide, etc. if you wish! Crafting is not about rules – it’s about fun! At least, it should be! Are you getting excited about “Fall Frenzy”?!CEPleaves17

#54321cards Asymmetrical DIY Floral Cluster from 1 stamp set

This beauty sort of got buried with all of the announcements! We had a giveaway! AND Creative Escape is giving away an entire kit! Lovely 🙂 For what’s next up on the agenda, we do a bit more with the “summer Blossoms” Kit.  Make sure to follow & subscribe to @creativeescape6 on twitter and creativeescape1 on Instagram for sneak peaks & to be entered to win a full card kit!!!! Amazing! Creative Escape Papercrafting: Thank You so much for your generosity & compassion for all of our friends that subscribe & watch us…. Really nice to be able to pay it forward because I’ve heard it a lot & it’s true: budget. Everyone has a one so a kit is an awesome giveaway!

Winner & ANOTHER #Giveaway!

First of, a HUGE Thank You to all of that subscribe to the blog &/or creativeescape1 & @creativeescape6 on Instagram & twitter. (You will want to add those to you list because sneak peaks start tomorrow!!!) The time’s come to draw a name and Tania Nogle, I finally drew yours! So, Ms. Tania, please e mail us at: team@platinumpeacock.blog with your full address! 🙂 Your persistence paid off! *Carla from Utah, please e mail us as well because you are the runner up! (Yep, that is new too. CRAZY GOOD!) The runner up is made possible by Creative Escape Papercrafting, so THANK YOU for giving Platinumpeacock the pleasure of giving back so much! Great way to kick off a start-up that supports American manufacturing & design whenever possible!

Thank You so much for your support as we continue our journey here at Platinumpeacock! A HUGE  You to everyone that left comments & subscribes!!! 

HELLO, I got so excited about the giveaway I published without the entering info about the other giveaway! LOL Creative Escape Papercrafting is giving away an entire card kit!!!! Stay tuned! I don’t have a lot of details that I can share 😦 BUT we’ll know more over the weekend…. And share details. I do know that the way to win will be by adding @creativeescape6 & creativeescape1 to twitter & Instagram for sneak peaks, updates, info and more. The owner is really great & I just found out about the kit giveaway today!!!

Extra chance(s) to win 4 NEW Dioxide inks! +Sneak Peaks!!!

On twitter &/or Instagram follow: creativeescape1 &/or @creativeescape6 My gosh, things are taking off for fun sneaky sneak peaks of the “Fall Frenzy” Kit which will have a portion of the profits going to a well-known food pantry in the Mid-West! So great! I’D FOLLOW since is doing a KIT GIVEAWAY!!! https://creativeescapepapercrafting.com/ Please follow along to hop into that! Wow! AWESOME 🙂 “Sunrise & tide” colors of inks: Peacock Feathers, Salty Ocean, Abandoned Coral & Fossilized Amber. GOOD LUCK!