October 2018 w/ exclusive

Hello all! I’m excited to share this fun exclusive with you, it’s really fun with different ages in mind! Hopefully you like it, I’m curious to see what your favorite item is! You can comment or e mail team@platinumpeacock.blog! I’m not sure if I can pick a single favorite! SO, new subscribers WILL receive a free Candied Apple Ink Dioxide until the end of September which is fab! Everyone will get 2 glow in the dark items, but I’d recommend adding “Fright Night” if you are a current subscriber! You’re getting 250-300 sequins from Neat & Tangled which is fabulous for anyone & any age BUT CEP HQ just received the items for “Fright Night”. CEP is giving a sample amount of “Fright Night” but my I’ve never seen anything like this mix… You may want more than 1.5 teaspoons of a chunky mix so… Hang tight with me & I’ll show you both options so there aren’t any surprises! ***Happy Halloween from the entire CEP Crew!***





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