Fall Kit Update & Halloween Kit Alert!

Hi everyone, I pray you’re all staying safe with all of the storms hitting the U.S.!!! Ok, I wanted to write a couple of quick updates! First off, the gorgeous $19.99 Fall Kit from Creative Escape Papercrafting is available for Pre-Ordering… The CEP Crew is working feverishly to re-stock & ship the Fall Kits a.s.a.p. – HOPEFULLY, sooner than anticipated!!! If you have asked me about it, I would recommend Pre-Ordering. It won’t be stocked again, so fair warning! Ok, onto the October Kit!

Interested too see what the 1st Halloween themed kit for the Fully Loaded OCTOBER KIT will feature? Umm everything AND the kitchen sink! And, as of right now, there are not anymore so Honestly, I got to help plan this & had fun! If you’d like a Halloween themed, versatile for Fall as well kit, please SUBSCRIBE to Creative Escape Papercrafting’s Fully Loaded Kit! SEE: Link below for that! (It’s the ONLY way you’ll get an October Kit if you’re not already a subscriber, of course. This is for planning purposes, my friends! I’d never try to pressure you into a purchase from any brand.) All of Creative Escape Papercrafting’s kits are planned & worked on ahead of time because due to finely tune different brands into a cohesive box of fun. There are a lot of American companies & products used from packaging to products in kits – which is not the cheapest way to go but great for quality & value. So, if you’re interested in Halloween & Christmas kits heading you way, here’s the link:


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