Bubbly New Year Card

1.Cut and score a sheet of 12×8 1/4 or 11×8.5 in half vertically, leaving 3/4 inch on one side longer than the other. The shorter portion will be the front of your card. You should end up with a folded edge towards the sky; a top folding card. Yes, the card does stand for easy display!


2. Use the black side of one of the double-sided papers, add glue or an adhesive runner on roughly 3/4 on the front of the base. (Use about 3 inches in width almost 6 inches in length) on one side of the card.) We say ABOUT because everyone measures and cuts things differently: some want perfection & others are ok with imperfection. It is a HANDMADE card and you should enjoy creating it!

3. Using the paper that has black and white dots, adhere the straight edge facing the black paper, a generous 1×6 inches.

***TIPS***If possible, take a couple of minutes to plan which papers you’d like to use on a card with multiple papers to minimize cutting/trimming. That way, you can add a straight edge of black paper and a straight edge of the black & white bubble paper to your card front.


4. Using the champagne flute die, use the gold mirror cardstock from “Love from Lizi” then add Nuvo Crystal Drops for the champagne itself.

5.Trim or cut away excess paper. Open card completely and lay on your cutting platform to position the “Happy New Year”and star dies from the December “Love from Lizi”kit, or 3 different sizes star dies if you weren’t able to grab the kit. *Tip* Use the cutting side UP of the die so you don’t pull or scratch you paper.

6. After you like the way the dies are positioned, flip the dies to have the cutting edge down and secure with washi tape to prevent shifting.

Remember to only cut the top part of the card!!!! If your accidentally cut thru both layers, add strong adhesive to the back panel in white or some of the gold or black glitter paper included in the kit. (Save the stars you cut out, too. A crafting trait is to never toss anything!)


7. Add gold star peel offs to the front and inside of the card for interest. Glue the dried champagne flutes with Matte Medium to the inside of a star cut out. Also, use the small and large gold rhinestones in an upward motion from the flutes. We used a few white medium and small pearls from “Love from Lizi” November kit… That pop of white makes a big difference but you could use enamel accents or your stash if need be.

8. Add rope design peel off in the middle of the card at the bottom of the card. The peel offs are a bit stretchy AND stronger than they may appear to you. If you don’t get exact placement, you can peel off the crooked edge & realign. Then, smooth it & you should be fine. IF you wish, add gilding flakes to the BACK/adhesive side of 2 border peel offs and attach with matte medium. That’s what we did, using mostly gold & copper flakes 0n the back. Gently rub gilding flakes with a microfiber cloth and mail!


We hope you enjoy making a card like this! YOU TUBE videos will be up in about a week!!! Hope to see all of you there!

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