How to use Nuvo Mousse

We have been busy putting nuvo mousse to the test! What makes nuvo mousse different as opposed to other embossing pastes or mixed media products? Well, we set out to answer some of those questions with the hope of a fun video helping you! Nuvo mousse is made by Tonic, and it comes in an array of colors with shimmer. Unlike other embossing pastes/wax of the not too distant past, you do NOT have to worry about contamination if you use your fingers for application from the jar to paper. Actually, nuvo mousse is perfect for using your fingers for quick crafting or mixed media; however, you may use spatulas if you’d like. It’s a smooth, creamy paste but it can have texture. It’s a unique product we purchased from & some colors from We tried some “typical” crafting techniques, but we wondered about other possibilities. Some of things tested in this packed & interesting video: embossing/heat tolerance, mixing colors, coverage, DIY paints and sprays, lettering, etc…. HINT: You never know how things will turn out! Also, keep a few baby wipes around to clean hands, spatulas, brushes quickly. Have Fun & enjoy your weekend! Stay crafty, my friends!


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