Distress Ink Dioxide Giveaway *FOR LFL Members*! Multiple Dioxide Giveaways for EVERYONE coming August 2nd!

Finally! I don’t have to hold this in any longer! if you’d like to win some of the new Distress Ink Dioxide Pads in: Picked Raspberry, Seedless Preserves, Salted Ocean,Β and Peacock Feathers!!! What do you have to do? It’s simple! Subscribe on YouTube and Subscribe to our blog! IF you are doing both, you may leave a comment and you’re in! Any device, phone, tablet, IPad, laptop, etc. works! Contest starts… NOW! Ends: 08/02/17 at 18:00 EST. The winner will be announced on 8/02/17 here, at 22:00 EST. Contest is open to any location since LFL fans are all over. Good Luck, everyone in the Love from Lizi Facebook Group! ~The Platinum Peacock Team that is incredibly thankful to be a part of this group!

LFL Oxide


25 thoughts on “Distress Ink Dioxide Giveaway *FOR LFL Members*! Multiple Dioxide Giveaways for EVERYONE coming August 2nd!

  1. Hi Jennifer, sometimes it is really hard to stop doing something you love but if it is better for the family, then you will never regret it.


  2. Hi Jennifer, I’m nearly positive I’m subscribed to both, but I’m new to this blogging and trying to find where I check to make sure I’m subscribed but can’t find where to look, thank you for doing this giveaway, but most of all thank you for your support during my families worrying time with Callum, and of course sending lots of love to your family from my family xxx


      1. Thank you my lovely, I’ve shown Callum the messages from everyone and he’s overwhelmed by all the kindness, he said the love from lizi group is so special because there are people from all over the world uniting together to show love and support for each other. He sends a great big thank you for your kind messages and get well wishes, you’ve made him smile and he sends his thoughts and well wishes to you and your family xx


    1. Mixed media ideas… That is 2 mentions in 1 day of that subject! Before LovefromLizi, every card had a ton of detail & layers so mixed media is journey for me; all crafting is imo. LFL helped me update my cards! I’ll test some mixed media ideas. Subscribed to you, too! Take care!


  3. You are so kind. Praying your loved one will heal soon. Going through this with my sister who has had a setback in her chemo but we have seen our prayers making her stronger. I wish the same for you. Thank you too for the tutorials you have shared. A big help to a beginner like me.


    1. So neat how many people are praying for him and from different locations! I was explaining in detail how people all over the world are praying for our family to Joe’s parents recently. Amazing! They were pleased! I am sorry to hear about the setback! We shall be praying for you, your sister & family!
      Coloring & playing with the dioxide inks are slowly helping me to do get my mojo back. So, remember this won’t be tbe only giveaway! πŸ™‚


  4. So sweet of you to do this ! I’m
    Heading over to YouTube now to sub. Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

    Carrie kessler


  5. Hi Jennifer; thank you for sharing all your wonderful creations with us. Thanks you for doing the competition it took me a while to figure out how to subscribe to your blog πŸ™ˆ But I got there in the end. Thank you for all your kind words and wisdom πŸ’. Sending you hugs and πŸ’πŸ’πŸ˜˜.


  6. This is awesome for us in the LFL family…. Thank you for offering this to us, I for one am on a very limited budget and this would be an wonderful addition to my supplies…


    1. Well hello Miss Tania! We are drawing a winner, so best of luck! I PROMISE there will be multiple giveaways… So, you can win & still put your name in the pot next time! -Wishing we could send a giveaway for all subscribers!-


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