Customizing A Card Kit

This card won’t shock many from the Love from Lizi Facebook Group/family but I have realized that some people think card kits limit your “options”. I would argue otherwise and will also dive into this a bit further. The best advice I can give to anyone: LOOK at everything as tools and options. Who puts “limits” on something YOU have the pleasure of creating from start to finish. If you draw inspiration from blogs, YouTube, Pinterest, or a museum: GREAT! Use all of that creativity and pour it into your cards! That makes it your own spin from a design. Don’t beat yourself up if you need to refer to the outlets for inspiration or a boost when you need to make a card for an occasion. The great YouTube channels created for showcasing the ideas of Jennifer McGuire and K. Warner Designs, for example give thousands of people different ideas. That’s the intent of having a blog & YouTube channel. A cheerful encouraging card tutorial is below. Stay crafty, my friends! ***GIVEAWAY WILL BE DRAWN TOMORROW AND AN ANNOUNCEMENT!!!***

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