NEW way to make 10 Cards: 54321

What is 54321? It’s a rating system I finally decided to do out of necessity, to finish 10 cards, 1 kit in a reasonable amount of time. Everyone’s busy yet the whole point of creating is to have fun, so #54321 is a series & technique we’ll be regularly. It’s our hope by doing so, you can implement this system to complete 10 cards a bit easier and with more flexibility. a 1 would be a really quick card….under 5-10 minutes, depending on your style. A 5 would be a special card, where a lot of detail is involved or the entire card is comprised of intricate, stamped images that require a lot of blended coloring in for the entire card. In other words, it you allows you to balance your card styles/techniques with without feeling guilty if you don’t do as many steps on some cards – in the interest of time. We go over this in the video:



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