Double Deals!

A BIG Thank You for the thoughts & prayers from everyone. Please continue to pray for strength & comfort! To show our appreciation, Creative Escape Papercrafting is offering a GREAT option for crafters & card makers by shipping “Fall Frenzy” with a Christmas Kit of your choice in 1 box. You save on shipping and you may order add-ons, if you wish. FREE NUVO DROPS If you subscribe! (You get a card kit every other month to help with budgets, with 3 price points: $19.99, $27.99 & $34.99. Much more info & complete kit reveals coming this week! “Fall Frenzy would be a $27.99 kit, for instance. As long as it is possible logisitically, Creative Escape Papercrafting will ship to you! There are only a small number of the Fall/Autumn:) kits available, so this is a fun opportunity to save some money AND give back! -A portion of the sales from the kits & add-ons are going to a great place that gives hope & assistance to fill a pantry & meals to someone down on their luck. (Potentially a Veteran, if you have seen statistics in the U.S. For more information, check out:




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