Staying Crafty

I wanted to take a few minutes to quickly go over some questions about me, Creative Escape Papercrafting & why I took a step back. VERY simply put, there was a major illness that hit our family – hard. I still did some videos & it was an honor to do so! Creative Escape Papercrafting was a different option with more flexibility, so after deliberating, I took the chance in order have more time with family. It’s been really fun & a great opportunity! However, I took some time off from crafting to properly grieve at the beginning of the year. Although, I continued to give opinions/info about items that may or may not go into kits for Creative Escape Papercrafting which is really fun. I also continued to post unboxing videos on this blog & YouTube & did some announcements & cards. I really enjoy “meeting” new people on various social media platforms from all over the world, especially when paper crafting’s involved! (Btw, Creative Escape Papercrafting has a Facebook Group which is positive and anyone can join. I’d recommend it because everyone’s nice & positive! ) ALL I CAN SAY IS fun things & good times are ahead! OH! 10 card video will be done in a bit! 🙂 Hey, I can’t give away all of my secrets & projects! LOL I’ve been working on a couple series… Absolutely – the “Fully Loaded Kit” has Altenew stamps, 3 dies, beautiful papers, etc. Stay crafty, my friends!

3 thoughts on “Staying Crafty

  1. Always important to take the time you need for yourself and for your family! Looking forward to seeing what you have coming up!


  2. Thank You, Denise! I took time since I feel it’s so important to allow some time to cope properly. I am so excited about things coming up! Plus, I will be doing a series… Hello 10 cards 1 kit this month! 😍😉😁💙💙💙💙💙💙 Your kind words & support mean a lot, thank you so much!


  3. Welcome back and I enjoy
    visiting your blog and seeing
    whatever you want to talk about.
    Just enjoy crafting and getting
    Carla from Utah


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