The Luck of the Draw: 5/28/17

Good news for those of you who would still like to enter for a chance to win a sold-out Love from Lizi May card kit.  We are extending the contest until 6pm EST on 5/28.  To enter just subscribe to the Platinum Peacock YouTube channel or follow this blog.  Good luck to all! Stay crafty. my friends! Never tire of saying that, just don’t always have time in videos! LoL It’s always more important to us that things come across as simply and easily as possible… Even if we delete our 1st 10 cards video because there was a tiny section where the sound didn’t mute. Oh well, we lost views but made the video better by not making you jump out of your chair! So stay crafty, my friends! SO glad we draw & don’t pick the winner ourselves because it’d be too hard! 🙂





4 thoughts on “The Luck of the Draw: 5/28/17

    1. There isn’t a class but there will be more videos with this kit to keep it going for our subscribers & and LovefromLizi Ladies or Gents that may be still working with this kit. There’s a project drying as I’m typing this. LoL Planning on a doing a regular mixed media post…from Dioxide Inks to Nuvo Mousse. We think mixed media can even be pretty at times and you should spray embossing powder! Would love requests for those videos if there are products or techniques anyone may want to try or see! Have a great weekend everyone!


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