Winner! LovefromLizi Kit!!!

FIRST: HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! A simple thank you never really cuts it to family & friends of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. But, that is what we’d like to really take this chance to do. We are thinking of you and praying for all you!!!

Yes, we really do put names in a hat and draw from it! This is so FUN but a bit tough because we wish all of you could win, frankly!

THE WINNER IS: Ms. Denise Bryant!!! Congratulations from both pf us @ Platinum Peacock!!! Please e mail us, Denise: with your address!

3 thoughts on “Winner! LovefromLizi Kit!!!

    1. Pushed the button too quick before I could proofread!

      I will get my info emailed right away! The kit will be *fun* to create with!


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