NEW way to make 10 Cards: 54321

What is 54321? It’s a rating system I finally decided to do out of necessity, to finish 10 cards, 1 kit in a reasonable amount of time. Everyone’s busy yet the whole point of creating is to have fun, so #54321 is a series & technique we’ll be regularly. It’s our hope by doing so, you can implement this system to complete 10 cards a bit easier and with more flexibility. a 1 would be a really quick card….under 5-10 minutes, depending on your style. A 5 would be a special card, where a lot of detail is involved or the entire card is comprised of intricate, stamped images that require a lot of blended coloring in for the entire card. In other words, it you allows you to balance your card styles/techniques with without feeling guilty if you don’t do as many steps on some cards – in the interest of time. We go over this in the video:



Giveaway & NEW Launch!

As promised, there is a new Distress Oxide Giveaway! Here’s how to enter: LEAVE A COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE to OR subscribe to our YouTube channel! We don’t ask for a lot of information intentionally; so it is important to stick to guidelines of the giveaway so we can ensure the product gets to you! That’s the whole point, isn’t it? Okay, let’s talk about a FUN giveaway! Four colors that coordinate for stamping, nature and ocean scenes, sunsets, and so on are: Distress Ink Dioxide colors in Abandoned Coral, Fossilized Amber, Salty Ocean and Peacock Feathers. The oxide tones of these colors are fantastic and almost give you a completely different hue!


We also have a quick unboxing video below of the Creative Escape Papercrafting Summer Blossoms amazing card kit!  To visit Creative Escape Papercrafting’s website click the following link: Creative Escape Papercrafting

Exciting Announcement!!!

The team here at Platinum Peacock is thrilled to officially announce that we are designing cards for a new company, Creative Escape! A few months ago, we were asked if we would help  by creating finished card possibilities for their card kits! (Trust me, there are A LOT of possibilities with this absolutely stuffed kit. We have sketched designs already! More on items included in the Summer Blossoms Card Kit below or copy/paste the link,  if you wish to see papers, stamps, dies, specialty paper, sequin/shaker mix, twine, and more!) It’s a great opportunity to help a unique company. Their goal is to provide value with items they have tested for quality, while using as many American products as possible! Their approach is very different to card kits:  The kits are designed to take you from one theme or season/time and help you transition into the next. For instance, they have a full stamp set with words and pretty images and added a mum stamp, which has a little greeting with it and extra paper. So, we loved that as crafters; you’re getting a lot for your money! Oh and they have stamping/coloring kits they are shipping at no additional cost if you purchase the Summer Blossoms Card Kit at the same time! LOVE THAT!!!! Btw, if you’re wondering, they DO ship to Canada AND the U.K.! Let’s be honest, not everyone can afford a lot of crafting items each month, so you can get a stamp/coloring kit alone with 3 types of paper to hit the ground running with anything you have on hand or prefer to use to color!

Kit on the island!
Many words/images
Some of the goodies

The kit is STUFFED with goodies! If any of you have seen any unboxing videos, you know I am honest and a bit picky about crafting items in a kit, like the weight of the cardstock. This kit did NOT disappoint – the cardstock is nice & thick. The chosen prints are double-sided for options for male and females.. There’s also gold foil paper, 6 dies, a stamp set with images and words and an additional stamp, a custom sequin/shaker mix, 3 different twine/jute and that’s not even everything!



They also have fun, budget-friendly coloring kits that come with 3 types of paper: watercolor, specialty paper for use with alcohol markers and paper for colored pencils, stamping, techniques, etc.!


Ok, my lap top was moody & I wanted to ensure there weren’t last minute entries. SO WE ARE DOING 3 WINNERS FOR being late to draw! Many apologies! I put names on paper and hand drew the winners so my friends in the UK can see:

1st WINNER of Oxide Ink Set: Ricaura Creations

2nd place: Julie Hutchinson Meyer

3rd Place Lisa Lady…… Please e mail with your full name & address! Thank you all for your patience & understanding!

Customizing A Card Kit

This card won’t shock many from the Love from Lizi Facebook Group/family but I have realized that some people think card kits limit your “options”. I would argue otherwise and will also dive into this a bit further. The best advice I can give to anyone: LOOK at everything as tools and options. Who puts “limits” on something YOU have the pleasure of creating from start to finish. If you draw inspiration from blogs, YouTube, Pinterest, or a museum: GREAT! Use all of that creativity and pour it into your cards! That makes it your own spin from a design. Don’t beat yourself up if you need to refer to the outlets for inspiration or a boost when you need to make a card for an occasion. The great YouTube channels created for showcasing the ideas of Jennifer McGuire and K. Warner Designs, for example give thousands of people different ideas. That’s the intent of having a blog & YouTube channel. A cheerful encouraging card tutorial is below. Stay crafty, my friends! ***GIVEAWAY WILL BE DRAWN TOMORROW AND AN ANNOUNCEMENT!!!***